True to Quality

Quasar Medical brings a new industry standard to complete manufacturing solutions


Quasar has mastered under-microscope assembly running the most advanced production lines, combining both human and automated processes. Allow us to manufacture complex minimal invasive medical devices such as balloon catheters, guide wires, micro-electronic components, micro-pacemakers, electrode catheters, and much more.


With more than 1.5 Million sensors produced per year, Quasar is a leading manufacturer of micro-sensors
used in minimally invasive devices. Weare experts in electromagnetic, thermo, proximity, location,
pressure sensors.

China Dual Circulation/MAH

Quasar has a proven track record to make high-quality assemblies while guarding the IP. Using MAH policy, Quasar is ideally positioned to create localized versions for China’s domestic consumption.

33 Years Experience
Quasar Medical provides comprehensive turnkey manufacturing solutions for high-precision, minimally invasive medical devices by developing products with trouble-free processes and, utilizing extensive production experience, creative engineering, and world-class quality, while also improving operational efficiency: quality, cost, yield, and delivery time.
Catheter units
Sensors units
Minimally invasive
medical devices
Our customers rely on us for consistently excellent quality and value, but in order to be a strong partner, we also champion integrity and transparency: Quasar is never shy about calling out issues and discussing challenges so we can solve them together.

We push INNOVATION by continuously adopting new technologies. Everything we do is driven by PASSION and INTEGRITY, while also remaining focused on the ultimate goal of saving lives.

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