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Quasar Medical brings a new industry standard to complete manufacturing solutions of high-precision and complex micro medical device assemblies—while also remaining focused on the ultimate goal of saving lives.

Because it does not matter where you sit on a rocket ship.
Because no company is growing as fast as Quasar which accelerates your career development pace. Because it is a truly global, diverse company with locations in China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israel, and the US it will enrich your experience! Because Quasar is fast-paced, high-energy, your life
is never boring!

If you are driven by PASSION, strive for EXCELLENCE, and deliver QUALITY, come work with us.

Meet our Colleagues
Luo Lumei
Micro-Assembly Technician in China

I joined Quasar in Shenzhen in 2019 as a micro-assembly technician. Quasar is a loving family, we care for each other and help each other. Quasar provides a clean and safe working environment for us. We received professional training and with that, we are able to perform our work efficiently. I am proud of the product we make, which saves many lives all over the world. I had the opportunity to join Quasar’s dance troupe and find it fun and relaxing.

Hi – I am Luo Lumei, from Sichuan province. I like playing badminton and dancing. Dancing keeps me fit and healthy. On weekends, I like to go shopping and enjoy meals with my friends.

Mechanical Engineer in Israel

I joined Quasar Israel in 2020 as a mechanical engineer. Quasar is a wonderful company because it has a family culture and also because we work on medical devices that can save lives. I feel that the work I do is very important. We work in a state-of-the-art laboratory and I enjoy working with my colleagues. We all work very efficiently, but we also have fun. Quasar also provides me with the opportunities to grow, become a supervisor and into the management level.

Hi, my name is Doron. I am 36 years old from Tel Adasim Israel. I love paragliding and doing extreme sports like hiking and enduro riding.

Assembly Technician in Thailand

I join Quasar in March 2021 to the new Chonburi Thailand growing team, as an assembly technician. I learned many production tasks such as Epoxy application, filter cutting, UVG, and more. Coiling is the most enjoyable one for me. The work taught me patience and organization. I work with great coworkers, We’re like a family to each other. If I have difficulty at work, my line leaders are ready to help me. I love the cleanliness of the company. It makes life here livable. Even though Quasar Thailand is a new factory, I am confident in this company and I will work hard to support my family!

Hi! My name is Onuma Laopa. You can call me May. I come from Nakhon Phanom. I enjoy playing badminton and watching movies. I really like mountains because the freshness of nature can relax me and I can admire the beautiful landscape from the top.

Aer Lawei
Micro-Assembly Technician in China

I joined Quasar Dongguan more than two years ago, as a micro-assembly technician. I received professional training and support from my buddy in Quasar. Now, I have become a buddy myself ready to impart my knowledge and experience to newcomers. Quasar provides growth opportunities for all employees. I am growing very fast and I really love the open and inclusive culture in Quasar. We have lovely colleagues who are positive and uplifting. The dormitory environment is very good. Wish Quasar a bright future.

Hi –my name is Aer Lawei, from Sichuan province. I am a Yi Minority; in my hometown, we have a colorful culture festival. I like playing basketball, shopping, singing and, swimming. I really enjoy the feeling of floating on water.

Synergy for Life
Engineering Manager in China

At Quasar, I have a lot of opportunities to put my skills into practice and build a rewarding career. Quasar is like a big family and we are the children of this caring and loving family. We are given the opportunity to grow, prosper and enjoy happiness.
I grew up with the company and have had a wonderful 10 years so far. “Never say impossible! Attitude is everything!” This is my spiritual food.

I am Jacky Fu, Manufacturing Engineering Manager. I like playing badminton and basketball. Sports help me stay fit and energetic. I also have a lovely family.

Project Manager in China

I’m part of the Quasar family since 2012. Over the last 9 years,
I received training to enrich my professional knowledge and upgrade my capability as I continue growing my career. It organizes relaxing activities for employees to join, appreciates its personnel, and provides a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. As a contract manufacturer of medical devices, Quasar focuses on ‘quality’ first and continuous improvement opportunities to help our customers be cost-competitive in the market. I am proud to be a part of the Quasar family. I am proud to be able to contribute to mankind and the health industry.

Hi, I am Abby Xu, from Hunan province. I like playing badminton and travelling. I love cooking at home and enjoy being outside.

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