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How Quasar Is Responding to COVID-19 and Its Effect On Businesses

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change the world, we’re all navigating through uncertainty. 

At Quasar, we embrace our “philosophy of operational excellence”. This means that even in times of struggle, we have an operational focused effort. While our number one concern is the health and safety of our employees and our community, we are also here to assist you with business continuity, even in these uncertain times.

Covid-19 resilience

How We're Helping

Meeting all Q-2 commitments and more.

We are here to support the medical device companies globally who have been affected by the pandemic and thus facing challenges to meet previously set production goals. To ensure we are in a position to to support your production needs, we have EXPANDED Manufacturing Capacity in the following areas:

ISO/FDA Registered Facilities

+30k sqft ISO 7/8 Clean Rooms at our ISO/FDA Registered Facilities in China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Fully staffed

with additional capacity to support Class II & III devices.

Critical Backorders recovery plan

Commercial and Manufacturing teams at the ready to assist with evaluating and developing a recovery plan for you.

Second Source

Commercial, Quality and Supply Chain teams at the ready to assist with your supplier qualification and approval process to qualify a second source.

Manufacturing Transfers

Commercial, Quality and Engineering teams at the ready to assist with validation and transfer plans to support a manufacturing transfer project.

Emergency Action Plans

Quasar can assist with developing an emergency (mitigation) action plan to avoid future disruptions to your supply chain.


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Covid-19 resilience

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