Quasar Excited to Announce Expansion of Services to Partners in China

Quasar Excited to Announce Expansion of Services to Partners in China

A groundbreaking Chinese government policy change in August 2019 by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) will now grant any CFDA registered Contract Manufacturer the opportunity to become a Product Registered Manufacturing Contractor in China.

Prior to this policy change, contract manufacturers, located in China and wishing to sell domestically, were limited to offering their services to IP holders (customers) who have presence in the same Chinese province as the contract manufacturer.

Medical devices can now be sold in China by the CM (Quasar) or by qualified medical device distribution companies to IP owners (the customer) who maintain presence in China (not limited to CM’s province anymore). For more on the policy update: https://source.gbihealth.com/News/NewsDetail?newsID=2031808&newsType=news

Additionally, registered contract manufacturers will now have authority to supply finished products in contrast to only semi-finished prior to registration.

Quasar is positioned to expand its abilities to manufacture, obtain necessary cross regional licensing, and participate as a government approved fully licensed registrant.

Quasar is a medical device manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, serving major brands worldwide, with complex catheters and disposables, FDA regulated assemblies and a full lifecycle array of engineering services, including design for manufacturing and process development to achieve quick time to market and high-quality mass production.





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