IE Engineer

China - Dongguan

Use lean production and IE knowledge to optimize production line Eliminating waste V SM improvement production efficiency; reduce production cost and ST2APlant overall layout planning management production layout improvement and optimizationץ Production project ST2A setting and management

  • Through IE /Lean tools and VSM management cycle coordinating production activities to reach short-term and long-term production and cost targets.
  • Measure and confirm ST2A of all production processes with updates regularly according to production procedure and proficiency in operation.
  • Lean basic principles continuously improve working efficiency by lean basic methods for the current manufacturing procedure and process optimization and improvement.
  • Lead continuous improvement activities V SM in production, optimize the production process, eliminate waste, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Plant overall layout planning management optimization update Ramp up/transfer for layout update production line installation and electrical connect
  • Conduct regular basic IE knowledge training for production supervisor and line leader with daily management and instructionץ
  • On-time complete the tasks assigned by the manager
  • Bachelor or above with fluent English
  •  Above 5 years related work experience
  • Fami liar with Lean basic knowledge and especially for VSM
  •  With good teamwork capability and communication & coordination
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