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Managing the OEM-CM relationship is complicated, being influenced by the medical device’s complex production process, legal aspects (product copyrights, patents, and production & design technology rights), market fluctuations, production variations (scalability), vendor management, and the interpersonal aspects. 

How does a medical device OEM find the right contract manufacturer and safeguard themself from falling into a relationship that results in a season of financial loss?

An unfortunate experience with the previous CM

The following is a case study of a medical device OEM that went through an unpleasant experience

Interventional Neurology for Neurovascular Disorders
Neurovascular (or cerebrovascular) disorders are a set of conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord (neuro) that are the result of bleeding or deficiency of
Sensor technology used in minimally invasive diagnostics
Sensor technology is at the forefront of minimally invasive diagnostics. The effectiveness of using sensor tipped catheters is their ability to be steered through the
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Design Considerations of Electromagnetic sensors for Catheters
Catheters equipped with sensory technology such as electromagnetic sensing are an emerging technology that is extremely useful in 3D imaging for interventional cardiology procedures. The
What is Transcranial Electrical Stimulation?
Transcranial electrical stimulation or TES is a broad term encompassing all procedures involving the application of low intensity, weak electrical stimulation applied at specific locations
Introducing Quasar’s New Branding
A brand consists of all the elements that customers perceive. A brand is not just a name, design, or other symbols. Rather it reflects the
Navigate the Process of Automating a Medical Device Production Line
Advances in manufacturing automation are game changing in the medical device industry. The benefits of automation to the production process add enormous value to the
Medical Device Manufacturing in China: Risks & Opportunities
China is arguably the most important manufacturer and industrial producer as it sells more manufacturing goods than any other country in the world. China is
Embolization Coiling: The importance of material selection
Embolization coiling is a minimally invasive catheter-based procedure that employs a coil that can cause an occlusion. This occlusion prevents bleeding at the site of
China MAH Policy Changes and The massive Opportunity for Medical Device OEMs
The new MAH or Marketing Authorization Holder Policy has opened up a whole new level of opportunities for medical device companies. On the global front,
Balloon Catheter Design and Manufacturing
Balloon catheters are widely used in a range of minimally invasive medical procedures, both therapeutic and diagnostic. These include delivering stents, opening blockages, and dilating
Common Mistakes when Transferring Medical Device Manufacturing to High Volume
In the following article we cover some of the common mistakes that are made when transferring medical device manufacturing to high volume. The ability to
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