Advantages Of A Full Service Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

Outsourcing medical device manufacturing to a contract manufacturer is now standard practice among device producers. In most cases, contract manufacturers have more experience and expertise with turning a design into a finished product. Plus, outsourcing production enables device producers to focus on the things they’re best often at—developing new projects and getting manufactured devices onto the market. Importantly, if you’re considering outsourcing your manufacturing process to a contract manufacturer, finding the right partner for your product is crucial. In particular, working with a full-service medical device contract manufacturer that can help refine your design before diving into production.

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Refinement Saves Time and Money

Typically, large medical device producers turn to contract manufacturers after completing a prototype and the new product development (NPD) stage for a device. They expect the contract manufacturer to begin with the new product introduction (NPI) stage right away.

The Advantages of Having an Experienced Contract Manufacturer

However, a full-service contract manufacturer can identify and suggest improvements to the device design before advancing to the NPI stage. A seasoned contract manufacturer will work together with your design team to make refinements to your device. While this requires a brief return to the NPD stage, adjustments prior to manufacturing can save a significant amount of time and money down the road.

Why Smaller Medical Device Producers Need A Full-Service CM

Full-service contract manufacturers are even more critical for small medical device producers who lack the resources to complete the NPD stage on their own. For these companies, an experienced contract manufacturer can help with device prototyping and design adjustments from early on in the process.

Understanding Your Contract Manufacturer’s Capabilities

Regardless of whether your company needs small refinements or start-to-finish support through the NPD stage, it’s essential to understand what a full-service contract manufacturer can do for you.

At Quasar, we have a dedicated team for streamlining NPD for our clients at our facility in Israel. Devices with complex designs are passed to our development team for refinement prior to advancing to full-scale manufacturing. Our specialists can work with your team to optimize the device design before advancing to the NPI stage.

Our development team is capable of becoming as involved in the design as necessary. We work with both large device producers with in-house design teams and small producers who don’t have experienced personnel dedicated to device optimization. By working with our experienced team for the transition from NPD to NPI stages, you can save time and money on manufacturing and regulatory issues later on in the process.

Helping Device Manufacturers Meet Their Goals

Quasar is dedicated to helping device manufacturers meet their goals. We understand what it takes to achieve regulatory compliance. By taking advantage of our experienced in-house design team, you can reduce your device’s time to market while achieving the highest possible quality standards.

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