Introducing Quasar’s New Branding

A brand consists of all the elements that customers perceive. A brand is not just a name, design, or other symbols. Rather it reflects the organization’s values and promises that come with its offerings. As a business grows and matures, its brand should reflect the evolution. This is why Quasar has launched its very own new brand – to ensure that every stakeholder can appreciate the growth achieved up until today and understands the expectation for the future. Quasar’s rebranding unveils its metamorphosis and position for imminent growth into an international powerhouse.

Quasar’s Branding Milestones

WHAT we do

At the early stages Quasar served as a liaison between its European, American and Israeli customers and Chinese manufacturers. Quasar’s own growth and the parallel rise in demand for medical devices – around the world, fuelled our commitment to the medical devices sector; specializing in high precision, micro medical device assembly lines.

HOW we do it

Our R&D team headquartered in Israel has been driving innovation leverging over three decades worth of product and process engineering expertise.

WHY we do it

Operational efficiency is a hallmark of the Quasar brand. Our team is committed to deliver high quality and yield, and low costs and delivery times, for every client.   

Hallmarks of the Quasar Brand


Quasar’s Positioning: True to Quality

Our proven operational capabilities backed by our commitment to quality and excellence has set new industry standards to the world of end-to-end manufacturing of high precision, complex micro medical device assemblies. We are proud to be able to define industry guides. At our core, it is our people, whose own commitment to quality, are responsible for our brand’s promise is overall to be true to quality.

Pandemic Propelled Expansion

As recently as 2019 Quasar’s production plants were limited to China at Dongguan and at Shenzhen. Quasar’s R&D and advanced Innovation centre has always had its base at Israel. As expansion plans were being drawn up, 2020 brought with it one of the biggest disruptors of all time: the Covid-19 pandemic. Propelled by the pandemic, we realized that we could no longer predict market conditions, especially where a global phenomenon was concerned. In response, Quasar began rapidly implementing expansion plans, involving geographic diversification – A third production plant is now operational in Thailand and plans to open a Latin American facility is well underway. Our commercial HQ in North America is strategic to Quasar in sustaining a consistent supply for all our clients. It also serves to cater to a much larger customer base. This new commercial base would also help in fulfilling trade regulations such as the TAA & GSA for the manufacture and distribution of products.

What Quasar’s new logo signifies

The iconic ‘Q’ signifies the full cycle from medical device design to production. It signifies our consistent approach to each product, delivering with it the Quasar Stamp of Quality. 

Quasar: Your strategic partner of choice

Quasar partners with you to give you state-of-the-art minimally invasive medical device design, development and production – a full turnkey solution – a capability that is globally unmatched. Our team offers OEMs not only great manufacturing capabilities, but also the services of a strategic business partner. hbspt.cta.load(4913829, ‘5383e3c6-0412-42cb-9b59-d0be46413b82’, {“region”:”na1″});

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