Introducing Quasar’s New Branding

A brand consists of all the elements that customers perceive. A brand is not just a name, design, or other symbols. Rather it reflects the organization’s values and promises that come with its offerings. As a business grows and matures, its brand should reflect the evolution. This is why Quasar has launched its very own […]

Navigate the Process of Automating a Medical Device Production Line

Advances in manufacturing automation are game changing in the medical device industry. The benefits of automation to the production process add enormous value to the bottom line. However, the practical process of implementation is complex. This guide was created to help medical device companies navigate the intricate process of automation. It includes an overview of […]

Balloon Catheter Design and Manufacturing

Balloon catheters are widely used in a range of minimally invasive medical procedures, both therapeutic and diagnostic. These include delivering stents, opening blockages, and dilating vessels. Being very specialized, non invasive medical devices of high precision, balloon catheters production requires extensive know how. In this article, we discuss the design considerations, as well as take […]

Considerations for Choosing a Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

In today’s unprecedented times, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who is experienced in bringing medical devices into mass production is now focusing on managing supply-chain risks by using a second source Contract Manufacturer (CM).The recent global pandemic fallout has highlighted the need to predict and prepare for a wide range of outcomes. More than a […]

The OEM and Contract Manufacturer Relationship

In the last two decades, there’s been a dynamic shift in the relationship between medical device OEM’s and contract manufacturers. Not long ago, the norm was that OEMs instructed the contract manufacturers on what to produce and how. However, as contract manufacturers kept servicing more customers, their know-how increased, and they updated their value propositions. […]