Mass production of minimally invasive devices is a distinctive niche requiring great experience and expertise. These are especially delicate products that require the manual assembly of many components, special attention to detail, and absolute skill. For such products, the importance of quality is critical, and its consequences are far-reaching. In addition, the element of maintenance of IP is more important than ever, and must be protected with the most advanced technological tools.

Quasar has vast experience in the manufacture of medical devices, as well as innovative technological capabilities and the strictest quality requirements in the fields of engineering and quality assurance. Quasar is cGMP compliant and meets the international standards ISO 13485.

Quasar’s factory in China is equipped and  designed for the manufacture of medical devices, including ISO Class 8 clean rooms, as well as designated production lines for assembly under microscope.

The combination of advanced technologies and equipment, many quality assurance procedures, investment in the selection of workers and professionals, and the creation of an organizational culture based on Western standards, allows Quasar to offer the medical industry high-quality mass production, while meeting schedules, deadlines and saving on costs.

As part of its mass production capabilities for the medical field, Quasar offers designated lines for the manufacture of disposable devices, mainly of a medical nature, which requires special treatment both in the manufacturing phase and the packaging phase.

Quasar offers an end-to-end solution for the manufacture of disposable products, from the transition from development to production through the phases of packaging and delivery customized for products of this type.

The Quasar factory in China has ISO Class 8 clean rooms, and a skilled staff of employees who undergo special training for working in accordance with strict procedural standards.

All of this enables the maintenance of absolute sterilization and compliance with the strictest quality standards.

The company is cGMP compliant and meets international quality standards ISO 13485 for management of a quality system for the medical industry.

Quasar specializes in the high quality mass production of medical electronic devices, from the transition from development to production, through procurement, production, assembly, and finally, packaging and delivery. Overseeing the entire process facilitates optimal adaptation of the developed product to the production line, by means of engineering changes and development of specific jigs and manufacturing machinery to improve and expedite the project.

We also manufacture electronic products for the aesthetic care industry that requires a combination of advanced technological capabilities, strict quality control, and careful design and finishing of the product.

Aesthetic care products can be classified as borderline medical products, and thus the issue of safety and meeting international standards is crucial.

Throughout the process, Quasar ensures compliance with required quality standards such as ISO 13845 and cGMP and performance of strict quality control and assurance procedures.

Senior engineers work together with the production line staff to guide the manufacturing and assembly process and guarantee its smooth operation. The factory’s advanced production lines, as well as its capability for assembly under microscope and other technological capabilities, make it possible to ensure high quality products, meet deadlines and significantly reduce costs.

The packaging and delivery phase at Quasar varies according to the product’s final destination, enabling the company’s customers to receive a finished packaged product at any destination they choose, or even to store the products in the factory’s own advanced warehouses and split the delivery dates.


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