Minimally Invasive Devices

Mass production of minimally invasive devices is a distinctive niche requiring great experience and expertise. These are especially delicate products that require the manual assembly of many components, special attention to detail, and absolute skill. For such products, the importance of quality is critical, and its consequences are far-reaching. In addition, the element of maintenance of IP is more important than ever, and must be protected with the most advanced technological tools.

Quasar has vast experience in the manufacture of medical devices, as well as innovative technological capabilities and the strictest quality requirements in the fields of engineering and quality assurance. Quasar is cGMP compliant and meets the international standards ISO 13485.

Quasar’s factory in China is equipped and  designed for the manufacture of medical devices, including ISO Class 8 clean rooms, as well as designated production lines for assembly under microscope.

The combination of advanced technologies and equipment, many quality assurance procedures, investment in the selection of workers and professionals, and the creation of an organizational culture based on Western standards, allows Quasar to offer the medical industry high-quality mass production, while meeting schedules, deadlines and saving on costs.

Superior quality, single-use medical devices.
Respiratory tube sets, aesthetic tips, aesthetic home use

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Complex medical devices that require highly skilled
manual, semi and full automated assembly.
Blood pressure monitors, Pulse oximeters, Cosmetic home
use devices.

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