End-to-End Medical Device Manufacturing Services

Quasar is a dedicated medical device manufacturing company, with its own state of the art facilities and expert workforce, specialized in medical device manufacturing, production, and development. This unique combination of know-how, specialists and facilities, enables us the offering of comprehensive, end-to-end services, covering any medical device development & manufacturing need.


Medical Device Product Development

Quasar medical manufacturer provides comprehensive support throughout all stages of the medical device product development lifecycle. From as early as the product conception phase, on to design & development, to the later phases of technology transfer and new product introduction. Every product Quasar medical device manufacturer develops is effective to use, designed for efficient mass manufacturing feasibility and regulatory compliance right from the start.


Medical Device Manufacturing Services

  • Equipment & Facilities: Quasar medical device manufacturer operates its own state of the art production facilities, with its newly developed and most innovative facility in China, operating in Shenzhen, China in 1992 and its second facility in Dongguan, China since 2018.
  • Highly Skilled Workforce: Our medical device manufacturing team consists of multi-disciplinary, highly experienced engineers and specialized production personnel who are highly and methodically trained to complete the most intricate tasks.


Future Proofing Know-How

Our extensive know-how allows us to support our clients from the very early stages of medical device development. By providing actionable input and full support in every stage of the medical device’s lifecycle, we future proof our client’s products resulting in fast, efficient, and cost-effective development of medical devices.


World Class Quality

Quasar implements strict Quality Policies that ensure and, in some cases, even surpass regulatory requirements:

    • FDA Registered: Our operations and medical device manufacturing facilities have successfully passed two FDA audits, one of the strictest regulatory bodies worldwide
    • ISO 13485 Certified by the BSI: Quasar is an ISO 13845 certified company, by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the national standards body of the United Kingdom adhering to the highest medical device manufacturers standards
    • cGMP Compliant: To become cGMP compliant, medical device manufacturers must be FDA registered and pass the FDA audit. Quasar complies with all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as set by the US FDA. To that end, every member of our team undergoes scheduled periodical training, pertaining to their specific duties, making for an efficient, experienced and well-versed workforce that can undertake the most challenging medical device development & manufacturing tasks.


Achieve More with Quasar

Quasar has more than 30 years of specialized experience in medical devices development & manufacturing, with a worldwide clientele that spans from medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies, such as Medtronics™ and Johnson & Johnson™.

Choosing the right partner to develop and produce your medical device products, plays a critical role in your company’s bottom line. Contact us to discover how Quasar can become your trusted medical devices development & manufacturing partner.


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