New technology in Quasar equipment – New Laser Machine

New technology in Quasar equipment – New Laser Machine

QUASAR is announcing the addition of a new laser welding equipment to it’s manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.
Adding this technology will enable our continued business growth while maintaining the market’s most competitive technologies and enhanced customer demands.
In addition, it will also allow us bring our customer solutions to their future technological needs.

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crisis leadership

The Impact of Quasar’s Crisis Leadership Through Covid-19

As rumors of Covid-19 spread in January 2020, and fear gripped most of China, the management had to face facts and realize that a serious crisis was in the offing. Instead of being paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, Quasar’s leadership headed by Ayal Amitai, CEO, began looking ahead, considering courses of action to get the plant working again.