New technology in Quasar equipment – New Laser Machine

New technology in Quasar equipment – New Laser Machine

QUASAR is announcing the addition of a new laser welding equipment to it’s manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.
Adding this technology will enable our continued business growth while maintaining the market’s most competitive technologies and enhanced customer demands.
In addition, it will also allow us bring our customer solutions to their future technological needs.

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Medical Device Manufacturing Outsourcing

Outsourcing Medical Device Manufacturing – OEM Top Concerns

Outsourcing the production of your medical device manufacturing can be a big step for your organization. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), putting your product in the hands of a Contract Manufacturer (CM) will free up significant time for your design and production teams, streamline the manufacturing process and even give you access to new world markets.

Full-service Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

Advantages Of A Full Service Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

If you’re considering outsourcing your manufacturing process, it’s recommended to look for a partner who can offer end-to-end service. Or a full-service medical device contract manufacturer. Finding the right partner who can help refine your design before diving into production will save big on time and money.