Quality in quasar

The main value that Quasar focuses on throughout the entire production process is quality. It starts during development and product planning, but it must be maintained during the transition from the development phase to manufacturing.  Quasar is committed to accompanying the product from the end of the development phase through to its final distribution in order to ensure quality manufacturing with meticulous enforcement of strict international quality, control standards and customer’s requirements. The company provides quality and production engineering services in Israel through a team of experienced engineers that includes engineering adjustments, selection of materials and components, use of suitable manufacturing tools, and more.

Quasar meets the ISO standards relevant to the product, as well as cGMP requirements, while maintaining a dynamic and vibrant quality system that enables the systematic isolation of problems, their analysis, correction and confirmation of the desired result.



Current Good Manufacturing Practice

Quasar is committed to high-quality manufacturing and compliance with the highest standards, and it conducts its business not only in accordance with accepted international quality standards (ISO 13485), but also with the strict requirements of the cGMP – Quality System Regulation (QSR), CFR title 21, part 820.

cGMP standards are set by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is a government body that coordinates all issues of oversight and regulation over food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices.

The cGMP has significant international influence, and many countries make their approval of products conditional on cGMP compliance.

Quasar is committed to working in accordance with these standards; and its employees, who understand the importance of following quality assurance and control procedures, are meticulous about assimilating them.

IP Protection

In today’s era of manufacturing, effective collaboration between partners and suppliers is critical to building a competitive advantage in a demanding marketplace. While a collaborative business model bestows enormous benefits, it also presents serious threats to intellectual property (IP). These threats are real – and they have the potential to destroy a company’s competitive position.

For Quasar, IP protection is at the heart of all of its IT systems. All internal data systems are permission-based, ensuring that employee access to classified information is highly restricted, each employee’s access is limited to information relevant specifically to his assembly part and not to the entire product.

As an added safeguard, the company’s information management systems are arranged into sub-networks that provide an additional layer of security to the local area network (LAN). Suppliers only have direct access to relevant data in these sub-networks, and cannot access any other components in the rest of the network.

Quasar understands that clients’ intellectual property ‒ whether patents, trade secrets or employee proficiency ‒ may be more valuable than its physical assets. An unyielding emphasis on safeguarding the IP of customer has earned the company the highest reputation as a true customer-centric manufacturing company.